April 29, 2012


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Honestly, I think the EOCTs are a waste of time. We already take finals for every class, so why do we need another one? EOCTs dont even reflect what we’ve leraned in some classes. I think it’d be even stupider to have an EOCT for every class. There’s some classes you shouldnt even have a final for, let alone an EOCT.


April 22, 2012

Writing Styles

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For our blog post this week, we’re supposed to pick a friend’s blog which has the writing style that I like. So, here’s the link: http://mariokang.wordpress.com/

To anyone that checks it out, you can thank me later. This blog is probably one of the most hilarious blogs I’ve ever seen, despite the fact it was written for school.

The style that blog has is rather conversational and has a sarcastic tone that always makes you laugh out loud. Pictures are used to make the blog post livelier and …..yeah. It’s funny so go check it out.