March 11, 2012

Romeo and Juliet- Favorite Character?

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:58 pm by pinkdomo

Honestly, I truly and sincerely disliked almost every character in Romeo and Juliet. In almost everyone of them, there was something that I found unlikeable. However, there was one person that I decided wasn’t so bad afterall.

Who is this character you may be asking?

<insert drum roll>

That character, ladies and gentlemen, would be Paris.

Why? Just because. I mean, he was the only character that was reasonable, sincere, truly cared about another not just for sexual purposes, good looking, a prince, and well, he was perfect.


I get that Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy……. but I felt like Shakespeare was too cruel to kill him off. He could’ve at least let the poor kid live goshdangit.


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