March 25, 2012

Breaking Traditions

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A tradition that I would love to break in my family would probably be going to chinese school every saturday………bright and early in the morning.



Bright and early.

In the morning.

It’s a horrible way to start off my weekend. I mean, the class doesn’t even teach me anything. So, yeah, I’d love for that tradition to be broken.

What would most likely happen if I threw my arms in the air and said that I was quitting?

I’d be grounded. So here I am, stuck going to a chinese school every saturday morning that’s an hour drive away from my house. It’s a blast. Really.


March 18, 2012

Family Traditions

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Every Chinese New Year, my family likes to sit around in a circle and tell scary stories while eating moon cake. Usually it’s just my dad trying to scare us, and it works. We take turns telling stories until it’s late and we’re tired and we fall asleep.

Speaking of being tired, I’m tired. Soo, i’m going to keep this blog really short and end it here. (:


March 11, 2012

Romeo and Juliet- Favorite Character?

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Honestly, I truly and sincerely disliked almost every character in Romeo and Juliet. In almost everyone of them, there was something that I found unlikeable. However, there was one person that I decided wasn’t so bad afterall.

Who is this character you may be asking?

<insert drum roll>

That character, ladies and gentlemen, would be Paris.

Why? Just because. I mean, he was the only character that was reasonable, sincere, truly cared about another not just for sexual purposes, good looking, a prince, and well, he was perfect.


I get that Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy……. but I felt like Shakespeare was too cruel to kill him off. He could’ve at least let the poor kid live goshdangit.

March 4, 2012

The Vow

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So, I’m usually not a sucker for cheesy chick flicks but, this one got to me.

My favorite movie is The Vow, which had just came into movie theatres recently. I really loved the whole plot, the characters, and how there was a little twist to the ending. The movie is relatable to many people; almost everyone can relate to losing a loved one. The movie kinda made me tear up a little bit… :’)

Oh, and critics lie. This movie was amazing, so don’t look up movie ratings.