February 26, 2012

Love at First Sight- Romeo and Juliet

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Even for hopeless romantics, the “love” between Romeo and Juliet in… well, Romeo and Juliet is just ridiculous.

The boy hasn’t even seen her face let alone talk to her and declares he’s in love. They finally have a conversation, and within the few minutes of first talking to each other, they’ve already kissed. I mean,

Wait, pause and rewind for a second.










After their short conversation, Romeo decides to be a creep and follow her home and hide in the bushes outside her balcony window. A normal person would be freaked out by this but, in Shakespeare? Forget logic.

They get married.

Never in real life would this happen.



February 19, 2012

What is Love?

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Honestly, I don’t believe love exists other than the bond between family members. I mean, there’s things such as caring, liking, and sympathy- but love? Noooope.

Actions are constantly confused as being “love”. When a person gets married, they (hopefully) sincerely like and care about the person they are about to marry. But, why do they care?

The answer is most likely because of the memories the two people share, such as the way they met, the moments when they spent time together, and just the little things that affected their feelings. Most of the time though, people are attracted to each other by looks or personality.

Sorry all you die hard romantics out there. Haha, this is just my opinion (:

February 12, 2012

My Favorite Journey Movie

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My favorite movie that followed a hero’s journey structure would probably be the Incredibles. Then again, that’s just my inner- child speaking for me. But I can’t think of any other movie as of the moment so here I go.

So, one of the main protagonists, the dad of the Incredibles, Bob Parr, has a typical family life. He has a wife, two kids, a horrible job, a home; at first glance, nothing out of the ordinary. Then one day he recieves a mysterious message from an unknown woman. The message offers him a chance to be restored to his former glory, however he first refuses due to his wife and family. He recieves help from some an old friend of his, Edna Mode, to make a specialized suit. As the plot continues to unfold, more and more events happen and Bob Parr and his whole family are cuffed in spot and unable to escape the position they are in. But with the help of his daughter, they are able to escape. Afterwards, they fly in a make-shift RV that can fly and head towards their home city to save the innocent citizens and properties from being attacked by the main antagonist. Since this is a Disney movie, there was a happy ending. The Parr family are praised and accepted as super heroes across the nation, and accepted as neighbors/citizens by their city.

February 5, 2012

Whirligig vs Speak.

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Contrary to what you had probably expected, I don’t relate to Brent or Melinda in any way. Sorry authors.

I understand that both of the audiences for these books are “young adult”, therefore meaning that we should be able to connect to them, but……..really?

I have never went to a party with alcohol, so forget about getting drunk.

Thoughts of suicide? C’mon guys, death is not the solution to your problems.

Gotten raped? No, actually, and I certainly hope I will never ever have to connect with Melinda in that way.

But if I HAD to pick one of the two that I had connected with more, I would have to say Melinda.

She’s a teenager. She’s had some emotional rollercoasters. Oh, and she’s a girl.

What can I say? I think that last bit was really ALL that I connected to.